ALAN MARQUARDT was born in Paget, Bermuda and started his career as a professional scuba diver and diving instructor in 1980. His interest in underwater photography was inspired by his friend the late Laurence Gould, who was himself an award-winning underwater photographer and who introduced Alan to the field. A love of photography and marine life have taken Alan to many corners of the world, where he has dived extensively exploring the ocean's reefs and wrecks. Alan is a substantially self taught artist with his own individual style. His young growing family and commitments took Alan out of the professional world of diving during the 1990's, but he has continued to pursue his own personal diving experiences and explore his passion for the underwater world through his photography. Alan's work has been selected many times for local publications such as the Bermuda telephone directory, Bermudian Magazine, BF&M Calendar and many tourist publications by the Bermuda Department of Tourism. In February of 2008, Alan produced his first solo underwater photography exhibition which was held in Hamilton, Bermuda and he continues to research all avenues of presenting his work to members of the public. Thanks, Alan